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I primarily craft photographs that evoke positive feelings such as peace and harmony, And I love artistic images that are a pleasure to live with. In my workflow I try to visualize the final image displayed in a gallery, museum, or my home. I enjoy diverse image content and styles. Depending on what a scene has to offer I may process the digital image for realism or deviate to a different artistic style like monochrome, impressionism or abstract. Admittedly though I may divert my attention to content that is not particularly artistic but may have an environmental, journalistic, or historic message. I may enter a contest occasionally for fun; but not often.

My creativity has been influenced by several contemporary art photographers like Peter Lik, David Muench, Kyle Jones, and others; and also a by some of the world's renowned painters, especially American painters from the late 19th century, like George Inness. My favorite artist's quote is by George Inness: "The true use of art is, first, to cultivate the artist's own spiritual nature."


Beginning as a teenager learning photography with a twin lens reflex camera I have continualy engaged in some type of advanced photographic work, as my primary careers have allowed. My photographic experience includes photojournalism, aerial photography, portraits, sports, weddings, advertising, and especially creating and selling photographic fine art. My main careers included 24 years of flying helicopters and airplanes with the Army, National Guard and Coast Guard. I enjoyed a shorter second career with USAA. I am married with three children and one granddaughter. Following my last assignment flying C-130's out of USCG Air Station St Pete/Clearwater we decided to remain in the Tampa Bay area. My wife and I now reside in north Tampa.

I am mostly a self-taught photographer though I have completed some formal photography training at North Kansas City High School, DOD Public Affairs School, Nikon School, University of South Florida, and with a commercial art photographer in Honolulu. I am a member of the North Tampa Arts League, the Florida Museum of Photographic Art, and a few local photographic groups. Apart from my online portfolio, I display and sell my photo art at various local venues.

All images are copyright protected. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution without written permission from Steven Sparks is strictly prohibited.


Longknife 26 by Steven Sparks


HH-52A Beach Patrol by Steven Sparks


Cutter in Alaska by Steven Sparks


Tennis Art- Daniela Hantuchova by Steven Sparks


Intensity - Taylor Dent by Steven Sparks


Rafael Nadal Shadow Play by Steven Sparks


A Hug From Roger by Steven Sparks


Gloria Visiting Tampa by Steven Sparks


Capitan Miranda in Tampa by Steven Sparks


Big Hands II by Steven Sparks


The King II by Steven Sparks


Silverback II by Steven Sparks


White Tiger by Steven Sparks


Phalaenopsis by Steven Sparks


Callistemon II by Steven Sparks


Reeds and Heron by Steven Sparks


The Centrum by Steven Sparks


Caribbean Cannon by Steven Sparks


When The Morning Fog Lifted by Steven Sparks


Moonrise Over Skyway Bridge by Steven Sparks


Lighter Than Air by Steven Sparks


Hunter's Green Hole 18 by Steven Sparks


Knee High Sweet Corn by Steven Sparks


Santa At The Beach by Steven Sparks